Classes offered
CGC class Graduates
   In home private lessons
Need more help? We offer in home private lessons for behavior problems or basic obedience.
Dog aggression, Human aggression, fear, anxiety, or any behavior that if causing problems for
you. We also do temperament evaluations including bite cases.

Doggie Boot Camp
Don't have time to train your dog or have sever behavior problem? Let us train them for you!
Doggie Boot Camp is a 2-6 week program where your dog is sent to us for training. Your dog is
worked several times a day on your customized training program. After training you will have
several training sessions to train you how work with your new trained companion .

CGC and Puppy Star testing
We offer CGC testing and puppy Star classes and testing. Think your dogs a canine good
citizen? (CGC) Then prove it! We have all the tools available to get you ready for the CGC or
puppy star tests. Please see the AKC website
HERE to read more

Boarding please click HERE for more info

Obedience We have several options for Obedience classes.

Puppy Foundation ( for puppies 12 wks -8 mo ) 5 Week class
Puppy foundation classes are a great way to introduce your new puppy to life with his new
family. This class build attention and lays a solid foundation for the next step, Basic Novice.
Puppy foundation works on
  • .Basic commands as sit, down, come, stay, and walking on leash without pulling
  • Behavior problems such as jumping, biting, barking, first signs of dog aggression
  • Potty training, How to crate train, what and how much to feed, dangerous foods for dogs and much more
  • After completing puppy foundation you will be able continue into Novice for puppy graduates,

Basic Novice ( dogs over 8 mo ) 6 week class
Basic Novice is just that, learning the basics! This is a great class if you just bought/adopted a
dog or your long time family member just needs some manners.
In Basic Novice we work on
  • Basic commands as sit, down, come, stay, heeling, stand and finish
  • Behavior problems will be addressed Jumping, biting, barking, dog or human aggression, any other
    problems that you are having
  • We focus on control and training through distraction to our ultimate goal of good manners!

Advanced Novice 6 weeks
This class is for Novice class graduates where we really fine tune our training and push the
dogs to pay attention through bigger distractions.
  • work on basic commands and start off leash commands
  • control at a distance
  • reliable recall off leash

Competition Obedience 6-8 weeks
This would be for those who wish to compete in Obedience or Rally. We teach things just a bit
different since we focus on minimizing point loss.
  • Go over basic commands but with competition in mind
  • Work on focus and one step heeling
  • change of positions
  • rules for UKC and AKC

Rally all levels
For dogs who have previous training or graduated competition Obed class.
  • AKC and UKC rules
  • learn signs and how to properly execute them
  • strategies to minimize point loss

Protection sports
Curious about protection sports like Schutzhund or Mondio ring? Come join our club NM
Hundesport for training on Sundays.

Weight Pull
Already know what WP is and want to know how to get involved? Have a dog who loves to pull
and want to know more? Great then weight pull could be for you! Contact us for more info.

Have a dog who loves to find things with their nose! Then Nosework could be a great option!
The dogs are trained to find certain scents in various surroundings. Come learn this fun and
exciting new activity! Want more info? You can visit the C-WAGS website
HERE or Please
google nose work.