About Us
About Our Business
I had 9 years experience dog training at one of the largest and oldest dog training centers in Albuquerque NM. I
taught classes in Obedience & Agility. I opened my own business in 2005 and then moved it to Los Lunas NM
in 2007 ans settled in Belen in 2014. I currently teach Obedience, Rally,  Agility, Weigh Pull, Schutzhund, scent
detection, and Private lessons. Over 19 years training experience

K9 Performance Kennels (my breeding kennel)
I breed Working American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT). My passion for over 20 years has been the American Pit Bull
Terrier. They are a wonderful breed that can do it all and I love to train with my dogs
in the various sports. We compete in Agility, Obedience, Rally,  Schutzhund, Tracking, Weight Pull, Nosework
and Conformation.
The different breeds I currently own are American Pit Bull Terrier, Presa Canario, Belgian Malinois, Boston
terrier, and several small mixed breeds.   

My passion for many years has been Agility. ASCA is my preferred venue for Agility but I also will compete in
local NADAC and USDAA shows. I had the  #1 American Pit Bull Terrier in NADAC Agility for Regular and
Chances. I have accomplished many titles in Agility including CH's and now I am focusing on Schutzhund,
Obed, Rally, and nosework.

I also teach for SDOC as a head Nosework, Agility, Obedience, and Rally instructor (AKC-Sandia Dog
Obedience Club SDOC). I’m the President for the Enchantment training club UKC club. I am VP for New Mexico
Hundesport club (schutzhund club),  President of the ADBA Land of Enchantment APBT club, A CGC tester for
the AKC and an ADBA safe dog tester.

Many titles that I have accomplished include:
Novice Triple Superior Award. OAC OCC OJC O-OAC O-OCC O-OJC S-OAC
S-OCC S-OJC Open Triple Superior Award. EAC ECC EJC O-EAC O-ECC.
Special skills classes TN-N TN-O TG-N O-TG-N S-TG-N TG-O TG-E WV-N
WV-O HP-N. Novice Versatility Award, Open Versatility Award, 1000 pts life time award, SSA SS SR, HCT-S, PI,
PII, PIII, UCD and conformation Champions with the UKC and ADBA.

Several ASCA titles through Elite

URO1, URO2, URO3  UROCH'S in Rally
IPO (Schutzhund)
Several BH'S
Utility dog APR 1

Siren is was the number 1 working APBT in the country  winning the 2012 Championships in New York
second place in 2011 at WPBT Championships. Siren took high Obedience and Rally at the 2013 UKC
APBT nationals.

 High in trial wins with Several dogs
Multiple Best in show and Best of opposite wins in ADBA
Multiple reserve Best in show wins in UKC

Working on K9 Nose Work titles

In 2005 I started providing trained animals for movies and since then it has been a huge part of my business. I h
ave done several dozen major films over the years, for more on some of the movies please see my wrangling


Owner of Custom K-9 Performance Lisa Berry
UKC Obed Rally show
All 5 dogs qualified
and placed
High in Trial win with
Bezel owned by Dee Falk
Monsoon winning Best of Breed
multiple times to become a CH in
Spock won Best in Show, Crixus won Best of opposite I bred
and handled both at this show. Both dogs are co-owned with
Holly Kruger of Kruger kennels
Siren won 1st place at Working Pit
Bull Terrier Championships  2012
in Buffalo NY
Siren won 2nd at
Working Pit Bull Terrier
Championships in 2011
Siren finished her UCDX in Obed,
her URO3 in Rally, and her AG1 and
AG2 titles in agility. All in one week
at the shows in Longmont CO
Barca won multiple Best of Breed
to finish his CH in UKC. He also
earned his URO1 in Rally that
Vixen #1 APBT  from 2007
through 2012 in NADAC