Best rest in Town!
Low stress boarding, more like home! Dogs are kept outside in
kennels (12x22) during the day in good weather and brought in
and crated at night.
Prices per day
  • Toy breeds under 15lbs $10
  • most dogs $15
  • XXL or behavior problem dogs $18 a day
No extra charge for giving meds!
  • Play time for 30 mins $15
  • Training session $35
Things to bring with you
  • Crate, Dogs must be crate trained
  • Food and medications
  • Shot records with a current Bordetella within the last year

We are licensed with Valencia county
Dogs are kept crated inside at night in the dog room. It is
an addition to my house, fully temperature controlled.
Dog are kept in kennels during the day in good weather,
We have sizes from 12x22, 12x12, or 6x12. The kennels
are topped so dogs can't jump out and kennel area is
surrounded by an exterior fence. Less stress than regular
kennels where dogs are barking all day. Dogs are not left
on the property outside alone.
From another angle, each kennel has an insulated house
with straw and pine as bedding. Fresh shavings put down
for each dog.